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Recruiting AWS talent to deliver training on AWS.

At Discoverer International, we provide our clients with highly experienced instructors who can deliver remotely and in-class training. The instructors are AWS certified and can provide standard and advanced AWS courses to meet the client's exacting needs.

Becoming a successful trainer is about equipping yourself with the essential skills to deliver an engaging training session that meets the organisation's and students' needs; as someone responsible for training, you have an incredible opportunity to influence other members positively.

Interested in becoming an AAI but not certified? No problem!

Discoverer International can sponsor you and put you through the AWS training program. Candidates who successfully complete AWS training will become certified and open the door to various contract opportunities with Discoverer International's clients in one of today's most in-demand industries.

We offer support for those who may have taught in another technology and are looking to cross-train into AWS. Whether you're new to AWS or looking to enhance your skills and become certified, we can help you get the training you need.

Becoming AWS certified reflects your knowledge of AWS and allows you to build creditability, knowledge, and confidence by validating your expertise. AWS certification documents a high level of competency and familiarity with the broad offerings of AWS. Want to find out more about becoming AWS certified? Read our blog here.

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Are you already certified in AWS? Have you ever considered a career in AWS training?

As the demand for cloud computing grows, so does the demand for qualified AWS trainers. Discoverer International are always on the lookout for qualified AWS trainers to work with our large client base. We can place you on the correct training course to prepare you for your career in AWS training and instructing.

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