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We at Discoverer International specialise in the niche marketplace of ERP, focusing on the major technologies AWS and Oracle + NetSuite. We work with freelance and permanent consultants on a global basis covering all of the Oracle Product family from Oracle E-Business, Core Technologies, Middleware, Acquired Technologies, NetSuite ERP, NetSuite SuitePeople, NetSuite CRM.

Our consultants will be able to offer help, guidance and advice to first time contractors who are considering making the move from permanent employment into the freelance marketplace. Equally our consultants can discuss what other permanent opportunities are available in the marketplace to freelancers who are considering making a change back into a permanent role. We will take into consideration a number of key factors when discussing with you what options are open and available. These will include but are not limited to skills, availability, location, duration and of course daily rate.

We believe that by working closely with you and fully understanding your needs we are better able to provide a smooth and effective transition to your next opportunity, be it your next permanent position, even your first contract assignment or reintegration back into a permanent working environment. With the wealth of experience we have recruiting in the AWS and Oracle + NetSuite marketplace our team is extremely well positioned to give advice on the ever changing landscape that is AWS and Oracle + NetSuite.

If you have any question or would like to find out how Discoverer International can help you please call please call us on +44 (0) 1689 669 280 or email [email protected]

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